My Domination and Topping Style

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


In scene, I relish the duty of director and am quite creative in that role, thus women submitting to or bottoming for me have a lot of sexual things choreographed for them.


I utilize many different sensation play techniques both painful and pleasurable. My favorite partners are those partners who experience pain and pleasure interchangeably. This is where my situational sadism comes in!


My play style is not for everyone. It is a little different than most. I am an unabashed exhibitionist and love showing off by sharing or incorporating others into the scene. I love the element of surprise and like to mix humor with the unexpected.


Despite my exhibitionist tendencies, I don't often show my own body off, instead opting to show off the creative things I am doing or the beautiful women I am scening with. This doesn't mean I am incapable of private scening (I am probably at my sexual best during intimacy), but my specialty is in public play.


Contrary to popular belief, "fucking" is of very little importance to me. Type II diabetes as well as some of the medications I take have required me to not rely too heavily on my penis. I have found that this isn't too much of an issue, as other things tend to stimulate a woman more effectively anyway!


I am very animated during a scene. With my partner's consent, It is not uncommon for me to talk with the crowd or even bring a member of the audience in to play. This is more likely to happen at a sex club than in a dungeon where stricter dungeon etiquette is practiced.


I relate most with the Daddy or protector persona and find I am most in my element when submitted to and given control.

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circa 2011 

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