Helping Newbies Without Being Labeled "Predatory"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Despite the criticism of countless newbies that munches are cliquish and "no one approached or talked with them" I am often criticized for trying to help those same people enter into the local scene.


No wonder established kinksters keep to cliquish groups and don't engage with newcomers!


The word "predatory" is often evoked.


My outgoing, open, honest and friendly behavior is interpreted as "pouncing" on newbies for play opportunities. And this "pouncing" is seen as somehow hurtful to the newbie and beneficial only to me.


I assist people of all genders, sexes, D/s roles, relationship statuses and orientations in many different ways to enter into the scene. I introduce them to dungeon owners, riggers, people with shared interests, as well as other leaders in the community.


If they show an interest in exploring bottom/ babygirl/ submissive/ masochist/ sensation slut roles, one of those resources to give is to inform them of the services and availability of local Daddies, Doms, Tops and Reaction Junkies. Well I happen to be all of those!


For what it's worth there are countless other times I associate with people and the topic of play with me never comes up.


Still, when I offer this information, it quite often is going to be seen by those less extroverted as "predatory" because it quite often does benefit me. But that it benefits me doesn't dictate that it automatically is injurious or the newbie is taken advantage of. Quite the contrary. My Daddy and protector instinct is not going to allow that.


I am undoubtedly one of the most extroverted people in the local scene, therefore there will always be many people who see me this way.


But I am not making excuses, I do have a fetish for flirting as well as "introducing newbies into the scene" so even if the question of play does not directly get mentioned, the very act of helping a newbie get his or her feet acclimated into our local scene is a sort of "play" for me.


But what about my invitations to head over to Club Privata right after the munch? How is that not predatory?


Well they're not usually invitations to play. They are invitations for the newbie to observe and get acquainted with the local kinksters in their natural habitat.


Think of the munch as a trip to the zoo and Club Privata like a safari in the wild.


So yeah, it is a jungle out there but I hope for the most part I can be seen as the warm protective teddy bear rather than the predatory grizzly from now on.

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