DaddyO Has a Small Dick and Can't Get it Up!

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Overheard at Club Sesso (after I did a scene with a beautiful woman and didn't fuck her):


"I don't think your Daddy can get it up."


All I can say to that is:


"Do you know how cool it is to be as popular as I am at a world famous sex club without the use of my dick?"


I have found that for many women it's not all about the cock!


For the record, the ladies I play with who enjoy "fucking", I don't feel I hold them back from that activity. I am poly, so they generally either get their fuck quotient from other sources, I share them, or, ya know what, sometimes my dick does work and I will actually fuck them too!


My cock is slightly below average in size too. Shall we discuss that also?

Well, first of all, it's awesome for getting blow jobs. I can get them from anyone regardless of gag reflex.


When I hear the blanket statement "size doesn't matter" I cringe. Of course to some people size matters! To other people size isn't that important! But who am I to declare size doesn't matter for all people?


All I can speak to is me and my experience. Therefore the only thing about size that matters to me is that my penis is long enough that it reaches me! For the record, it has been known to reach many of the fine ladies I have played with too, but even if it didn't, there are countless other options.


Besides, I don't play with women who are obsessed with cock size. Yep, I don't even play with ladies obsessed with small cocks! There are very few submissive women obsessed with small cocks anyway--that obsession seems to be monopolized by Dominant women.


I am not knocking the big hard cocked man. He is an iconic figure that I like to use as another implement for my toy bag. Literally or figuratively, you don't know how fun it is to whisper into a slut's ear:


"I am gonna spread your cunt wider so you can take a bigger cock for me."


I have known men with big working cocks who start relying on that and become stunted in their sexual creativity. But there is hope. For them I offer mentorship and coaching.


I am not trying to create a sexual superman, but imagine if someone like me did have a big working cock?


Yeah, I didn't think you would want that thought in your head for very long.

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