My First "Daddy" Experience

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


My first "Daddy" experience triggered in my loins a latent kink that I had never realized was held dormant until the experience happened.


It was March 2008, my (now ex) wife and I were already swingers participating in hotel parties. This party happened to be a hotel gang bang put on by the man who would later open Club Sesso a year later.


I had been corresponding on Adult Friend Finder with one of the party girls, so I knew her online persona before we met. She had told me she was a "little" and that she had a "Daddy." I remembered how naive I was when we first corresponded. I chuckled and thought the whole concept was rather silly. She quickly informed me that it was a very serious and intimate thing between them.


I figured I would never have an opportunity to play with her, since she had a "Daddy." But lo and behold, at the upcoming hotel party she was going to be allowed to participate without him.


So at the beginning of the party when people were still arriving and mingling, I approached her and saw her big brown eyes and sultry look. Being the jokester that I am, and not understanding the concept of consent too well, I nonchalantly said, "Hey, if nobody else is gonna get this party started, I am," and proceded to lift her into the air and carry her into the next room. I threw her on the bed and went to town ravaging her.


My aggression (albeit sarcastic and playful) must have appealed to her S&M sensibilities, even though I had no fucking idea what I was doing. All I knew was I was making out with a really hot brown eyed gang bang girl!


After we finished, she needed more (it was a gang bang, afterall). Perhaps due to her feeling comfortable with me due to our prior AFF correspondence, each and every time she finished a fuck session with one of the guys she crawled back up into my arms sucking her thumb between her lips.


This was my first realization of my comforting "Daddy" nature. The night continued on, and I remember actually speaking naughty and comforting words into her ears as each different partner gave her his cock.


My style must have been somewhat successful, as later in the week she told me her Daddy gave her permission to see me again in a more private environment. This was a private hotel room where we were one on one the entire night.


She certainly topped from the bottom with me that night. She had to! I didn't yet formulated any power exchange concepts.  


I learned that night that some women actually grew closer to orgasm with more pain as she had me spank her while we fucked. It was shocking at first when I realized she enjoyed it more when I used more aggression and force, but once I witnessed her bliss, the concept was emblazoned in my brain forever.


The kinkster was born!


Now, sometime that night she also did age regression and we did ageplay that came so naturally to me that it was shocking. Twirling her hair on her fingers and using innocent baby talk, my arousal level was off the charts. I knew at that moment the pinnacle of erotic sexuality had been reached for me.


And DaddyO was born!

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circa 2012

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