Polyamory vs Poly-Partnered

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by DaddyO


I was brought up societally to think monogamy was right for everyone. I even would have labelled myself monogamous before actually braving the poly waters at the request of my first wife.


Now that I am poly, I only have one primary lovemaking partner. That is not to say I don't love more than one person. I do. I also have sex with more than one person. But that sex isn't necessarily considered "making love" any more than the anonymous people I have my babygirl fuck in a gang bang is.


Sex does not have to equal love. Having sex and multiple sexual partners does not have much of anything to do with love (unless you want it to).


Some people are able to diversify their sexual encounters into fun sex and loving sex (that is fun). Yet, for some other people "fun" cannot be had without love being present.


I would prefer the poly definition to be broken down even further: polyamory (multiple loves) and poly-partnered (multiple sexual partners).


Poly-fidelity doesn't quite cut it as a definition here, because fidelity implies you are committing to each partner in some way (which many people who freely exercise their sexuality in poly-partnered do not). With poly-partnered you make no commitments.


I will say, I was born polyamorous. I loved my parents. I loved my friends and relatives. Then when intimacy started happening right around puberty, I had crushes on several different girls at once.


It was only when I was told it was wrong to hold hands with Jenny because Cindy wouldn't like it, that I learned monogamy was the more accepted choice. So I tried that for most of my life.


Thanks to my first wife as well as the swinger and poly kink community for finally rescuing me from that burden.

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