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How My Kinkfest Was Almost Ruined -or- How Tanyatoy Proved Her Worth to Me as a Babygirl in One Amazing Evening 


The Portland Kinkfest Convention was held at the Oregon Convention Center for the first time in 2011. I didn't like the fact that in order to get from the hotel to the dungeon you had to cross right by the bustling Max light rail line. With hundreds of people gawking out the windows (many of whom might be bosses, family members or co-workers) it was uncomfortable for me, a married man, to carry a golf bag full of scening implements and walk across the Max line with my babygirl (who I am not married to) on my arm.


This is one reason I chose to park in the underground garage.


Nonetheless I still found myself needing to venture back and forth from the dungeon to the hotel.


Here is the story of the parking garage horror:


5:00 pm: Coming back from the hotel I told my babygirl to stay outside for a smoke and come back into the dungeon and change while I headed to the car to get the toy bag. "Just wait for me, I'll be right back."


5:15 pm: After the walk to the other end of the Convention Center (why don't they have parking near where the actual convention halls are, is beyond me) I finally got to my car.


5:20 pm: At the car I finished cleaning my toys, packed away my cell phone, and headed to the elevators. Once arriving at the parking garage door, I found it to be locked. "Great," I thought to myself, "now what?"


5:30 pm: After checking the other elevator door and finding that locked too, I returned to the first elevator and pushed the security button to call for assistance. "We'll be right down," a voice said.


5:50 pm: After waiting to no avail for twenty minutes for the security attendant to arrive (the call button was not able to be pushed a second time for it simply turned on a police light and wouldn't connect to the security dude's walkie talkie while the light was flashing) I decided to just drive out of the garage.


5:55 pm: At the parking attendant window, I told the lady there that I did not feel an obligation to pay, since I had wasted so much time already and still was not able to get back to the dungeon. She, of course, would not let me out, and tried to call security to open the door. "Security is not going to answer you," I told her.


6:15 pm: The parking garage attendant and I went back and forth for another twenty minutes (she had to call her supervisor in order to let me through the gate without me paying). Finally the gate opened and I drove out of the garage.


6:20 pm: Now I am in the middle of Saturday evening traffic at Blazer game time looking for a place to park in the Rose Quarter region. Another twenty or so minutes go by while I look for a parking place.


6:30 pm: Finally I find a parking spot in front of Starbucks and head into the Convention Center. I was in no state to scene and debated whether or not to even bring my toybag in.


My babygirl had to wait over ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES for me!


Because of the "no cell phone rule" I was not able to contact her (besides, my phone was packed in my toybag in the trunk, and hers was not allowed to be brought out in the dungeon).


When I arrived, she was waiting anxiously in the dungeon audience area with a smile on her face. The patience and acceptance she displayed in that small moment was something this control freak Daddy Dom would never be able to pull off on his own without going through a frustrating panic attack.


But she did it.


For me!


Still, I was in no emotional state to top her in a scene.


Immediately she jumped up on my lap and comforted me. Magically within minutes she brought me out of my distress and we actually were able to do a very kinky scene later in the evening.


If it hadn't been for the calm, patient and forgiving nature of Tanyatoy, my Kinkfest experience might have been a huge emotional mess. Instead the hours that followed that evening and finally into Monday morning probably were the most exciting sexual experiences I have ever had. I got confirmation that it was the same way for her.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

2011. An odd note, less than 2 years after this experience I started working for the company who ran this parking garage! 

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