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Women in Daddy/babygirl relationships often are accused of having "daddy issues."


Well, I will freely admit: I have babygirl issues!


For those who have wondered or who care, here is a little insight as to why...


My teens and early 20s were chock full of sexual exploration. The only problem, it was...




When I was growing up, I was a scared-as-hell little boy. My mom was one of the most open people I ever met. She practiced situational ethics to a T.


"Wanna get high? ...then I will get you some pot from your uncle and you will sit here in front of me and try it."


"Wanna have sex? ...save up enough money and we will get you a Prostitute (okay, it wasn't quite that drastic, but she did tell me about a juice bar that had strippers where I could go on my 18th birthday). 


Basically, Mom said I could do whatever I wanted. But here was the catch: I had to take responsibility for my actions. Do you hear that? I will say it once again, with the magnitude my Mom used to drill it into me with:




Needless to say, I was scared-as-hell to even touch a girl.


Fatherhood at 15? No thanks!


Venereal disease? Nu uh. Not me!


I had an alcoholic friend who had to sneak his booze from his Dad's liquor cabinet.  I saw what a mess he was becoming and the addictive qualities right away. No way was I going to touch alcohol. The sips of beer my Dad gave me were sickening anyway.


Other friends were hooked on narcotics. I remember visiting a close friend (best friend at the time) in a drug treatment program. And was instructed to utilize "tough love" by disassociating myself from him if he relapsed. Well, he relapsed and our friendship ended. So trying drugs? No way!


I knew of sexually active teens who's moms were on the boards of the religious anti-sex education crusade. I saw their hypocrisy and was appalled.


So what does a young man do with his life after seeing all of that? What else- He joins the Christian church! ---and avoids it all even better!


In the Fall of 1988 I "saw the light" quite literally, by having a "born again" experience. Yes, the adrenalin and whatever other chemicals make a person light headed were flowing that night as I sat in a room next to a sexy Christian waitress and gave my life to Christ by saying a prayer of faith I didn't want to believe in. But the very fact that I felt guilty feelings when saying that prayer cemented the idea of a "God" into my psyche. Yes, the fact that I felt guilty NOT believing in God (while saying I did believe), was "proof" enough that God really did exist and it made it "true." I did not think past this concept for ten years, and a "Christian" young man was born.


My mid 20s through mid 30s I was trapped in the bonds of this organized religion ridiculousness, living "for Christ" a life of celibacy. Sure, I tried to court women, but how were you supposed to do such a thing when you were not allowed lustful thoughts? How was a man supposed to get close to a woman without being aroused (and thus "lusting")? If I followed the Christian way of courting, I would have had my first sexual encounter on my wedding night! And seriously, the ladies I was courting were either coming back into the fold/former "backsliders" who were very sexually experienced and thought I was crazy for being celibate, or women so prude they probably didn't even understand that sex was supposed to be fun.


Not a lot to choose from. And had I chose, I was supposed to ask a woman to marry me without even spending any intimate time with her. How fucked up is that?


Ultimately I did get sexual with some of the partners I encountered, but all sexual play was reserved for oral and manual stimulation. I seriously did my best to not lust- and this very well may be why I have such a difficult time now getting an erection. I figured if my cock wasn't hard, I wasn't lusting!


I delved into providing oral sex and like to say, "well, at least Jesus did taught me one thing- he made me good at cunnilingus."


So now I am an older atheist hedonist and have the freedom to explore. I finally have the balls to actually let loose and be free with my sexuality.


I long for what I missed out on when I was supposed to be experimenting and growing sexually with these teenagers and women in their early 20s, hence, my desire for the younger looking/acting females. Age play,; Daddy/babygirl;, it all coalesces for me. It makes more sense than anything else ever has.


So, yes, I do have babygirl issues. And am quite unashamed. Perhaps for the first time in my life.

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2011, 2017

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