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by DaddyO

I am passionate and my passion is generally too intense for most. Many feel that time spent with me is more easily dispensed in small doses. Others enjoy my company, quick wit and charm exciting.


I am a recovering extrovert and Provocateur who feeds off the energy of others to recharge and feel alive. If I am not engaged in this sort of relationship (or series of interactions), I am prone to being alone with my thoughts. So it can be overwhelming and takes a little work unless we are enjoying ourselves together.


How is this fun accomplished?


"I take wallflowers and turn them into centerpieces."


I do not crave the spotlight, because in the ideal situation I am the spotlight and shine on those I care about and play with!


"I am the 'attention pimp' to her "attention whore.'"


So if you're a social introvert, we'd only be a match if you're introversion is able to easily adapt to the spotlight in play situations.


I'm very experienced in sensation play, canes, paddles, scene negotiation, vaginal fisting, finger bang that almost always creates a squirting orgasm, rough sex, humiliation, objectification and degradation play, crafting a creative scene, OTK spankings, sexual age play, Wartenberg pinwheel, leading gang bangs, buggy whips, crops and other impact play techniques and can hold my own with a flogger.


But Daddy/babygirl is where I shine. I am a natural "Daddy" type so there's no need to try to coax it out of me like there is with other Doms.

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2014, 2016 

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