How Important is Sexual Chemistry to a Relationship ?

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by DaddyO


Sexual chemistry. People seem to be debating whether or not people with amazing sexual chemistry can exist in a relationship. I say this question is too complex to answer with a simple yes or no answer.


Here is why: people in a relationship, in addition to weighing sexual chemistry, have to take into account the following components of relationships (among other things):


  • Relationship model
  • Interests
  • Food choices
  • Taste in art
  • Intelligence
  • Hobbies
  • Spirituality
  • Emotions
  • Activity level
  • Worldview
  • Politics
  • Finances
  • Ethics
  • Sports
  • Personality types
  • Problem solving skills
  • Morals
  • Temperament
  • D/s roles
  • Power dynamic

The list can be endless. Hell, some would even say astrological sign!


All of these things are not going to be equal in degree of importance or shared truth with any two people.


Also different degrees of sexual chemistry are at times going to be present and at other times not present in any given relationship.


The key as to how important sexual chemistry is in a relationship is directly proportionate to how much value each partner places on sexual chemistry.

Yep. Simple as that.


Then again, you can say the same thing regarding the importance of any of the relationship components above.


From my own personal experience, the complexities continue: Amazing sexual chemistry and importance of sexual chemistry both being strong with both partners still might not be enough to sustain certain kinds of relationships. When this happens, people (especially sex positive people involved in BDSM) have the wonderful option to modify and/or redefine that relationship to keep the amazing sexual chemistry alive.

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