Risky Business

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


BDSM is by nature risky and dangerous.


There is a constant energy exchange.


The power play and mind-fuckery of D/s is just that, a fucked up power play!


The extreme highs and sad lows of sadism and masochism mirror a roller coaster of euphoric scenes followed by debilitating subdrop...


BDSM makes everyone to some degree bi-polar!


If someone already is predisposed to that sort of condition, it is amplified and likely going to snap when the trigger of a break-up occurs.


During the break-up of a D/s union, Not only is the bond with that person severed, the bond of the addiction to the thrill has ceased!


Everyone is broken in some way or another. Kinksters, it is implied by the very word "kink", have a kink in the wire already...at least in the way most are wired!


Every person has gone through breakups with every romantic relationship we have been in save for the one(s) we are in now.


The relationship may be broken, but it is how we handle ourselves during the aftermath - through the turmoil of rumors, accusations, misrepresentations and lies - that makes or breaks us as individuals.


Many offer the words "this too shall pass" but I prefer to add "new things will arrive."

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