Gifts to Give Your Top to Make Your Bottoming Experience Better

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

Show Trust:

Yes, I know, it's a well-known fact that trust needs to be earned. But it also can be given freely. Now if you have reason to not trust me, for gods sake let your concern be heard! Remember, if your trust is betrayed, it is on my conscience (and resume), and you need not feel any guilt. The only time you should feel guilt is when you have not communicated accurately.


Provide Clarity:

Do not be vague. This is especially important in negotiation. And in regards to the negotiation of triggers, it's even more vitally important.


Allow Control:

If you want me to take you, use you , lead you, and show you a good experience, then let go of your control. That's what power exchange is all about. If you have a problem doing that, should you even be playing with me to begin with?


Be Respectful:

I am not taking about bowing, kneeling, curtseying, or following any kind of protocol. Unless it is a negotiated kink, I do not want to be referred to as anything but an equal. But please do not show me disrespect. If you want me to be in the dominant head space, please show me the respect to confirm and stick to our plan, return my communications, and offer proactive communication. Me being in dominant head space makes my scene more exciting, provides me with the confidence I need to give you the sort of scene you have always dreamt about!


Act Joyful:

There is a good chance you don't need me to top you to make you happy. In fact if that was the case you might feel you are in a dangerous situation. But I do feel joy when topping. I do get happier when I scene. It is a simple mathematical equation. Scening with you does provide joy to me. So please don't hold it back!


Keep Commitments:

You want me as your Top to keep my commitments, right? You want me to respect your limits, and not disrespect your boundaries, so don't make halfhearted promises to scene and then change your mind! Or if you do need to change your mind, let me know why. Silence eats away at D-type people who like to have as much information available to them so they can make the best judgments. Making better judgments means a better scene for you! Self esteem is directly related to confidence, and confidence is directly related to dominance. Fuck with my self esteem and you are jeopardizing your own odds of having a good scene.


Give Submission:

Wait a minute, I thought we were talking about bottoming not submission? Well, we are! You are the bottom, which means you decide a lot of the stuff. But after you do that, for fuck's sake, let go! If you want a good bottoming experience, communicate your boundaries clearly, then let me do my job. The more you submit the more your bottoming experience will be enhanced. With fewer limits come fewer limitations. With fewer limitations comes more creativity. With enhanced creativity comes a hot scene. And as your Top, I am not going to brave having a bad scene by pushing boundaries. To use the football analogy, I am going to avoid the out-of-bounds/sidelines and work forward in the areas you've endorsed, and head towards the goal line!

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