DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

I found you so alluring, and you needed the risqué

So into the world of kink I led your first foray

I put you in a corset and some sexy lingerie

And took you out to Sesso and put you on display

'Round the stripper pole, upstairs you did sashay

We showed the gawkers there were more than fifty shades of gray

Your skin felt captivating, I molded you like clay

Aftercare and squirting, S&M, foreplay

Multiple orgasms, Dom/sub power play

I unhooked your garter, tore off your negligee

There was more to sex than fucking, and I did not delay

Through dominance I showed you how to submit and obey

I longed to be your Daddy Dom and not lead you astray

And have you as my beautiful babygirl protégée

But for reasons beyond my control, I have to back away

Redeem a token of contrition I'm not supposed to pay

As if the sum of my emotions must suddenly belay

With flowers slowly wilting in a desperate bouquet

Now the strong and confident alpha-male image I portray

Tries desperately to dry the tears of weakness and dismay

I want to give my love to you but know not if I may

I want to scream three little words I can't even say

A nod of recognition seems all I can convey

Our love suppressed and thrown into a dreadful disarray

I'm told I should take one step back for it's the only way

I can hold you in these outstretched arms and comfort you one day

And put trust in you to prove my hopefulness won't sway

But without a pledge of two steps forward it's difficult to stay

I want to share time with you that daily slips away

Show my deep heartfelt affection to you every day

Provide more playful fun encounters, but we can't even play!

Such joy you've given me I hope in love I'll have someday

But things suck in this vacuum; I feel lonelier today

Tomorrow seems to hold less promise than our yesterday

Who's fucking idea was it, to fall in love anyway?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Amber, 2014 

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