"Typical Wednesday"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

Most don't think it's right, but on a typical Wednesday night

In Portland down by the riverside
DaddyO is seen, making sure the dreams
Of his babygirl come true in perfect stride.
She craves the attention, and without expectations
She chose a naughty Daddy as the one.
He acts younger than his years, but he's careful with her tears
And knows she's so insatiable and fun.
With the strangers that she meets, this slut's hardly discreet,
Her lovely ass bumps and grinds for sex.
Noticing the time, her Daddy says "You're mine,"
Then puts her necklace 'round her tender neck.
She gets in Daddy's car, he belts her in, and to the bar
They go to get them both their weekly fix
Of control and being used, Daddy's babygirl's his muse,
His art, his reason for his bag of tricks.
So this night he reaches in, to that very bag of sin
And rips off her panties leaving her exposed.
With his other hand he pops, something he almost drops,
Two oval toys are slurped into her hole.
One in back and one in front, remote eggs fill up her cunt.
They're packed discreetly 'tween her sexy thighs.
Until Daddy takes them out, all she can do is pout
And moan while the vibes are turned up high.
Then to her knees she drops, the vibration has stopped,
She bends, her Daddy reaches up her skirt...
"Daddy, don't be mad. I think that I've been bad--
They both washed away with my squirt!"
"What?" her Daddy scowls, "I think we need more towels.
Whoever gets a towel gets a surprise."
So a big group of gawkers, all run towards the lockers,
To get towels while she bats her "fuck me" eyes.
She takes off his shoes and socks while men pull out their cocks
And he opens up her hole wide as can be.
You see, she craves much more than the average girl next door,
So Daddy does these naughty things she needs.
"Now get down there and be, a real good slut for me."
The bulge in her Daddy's pants, it starts to grow.
Daddy's good girl takes, each cock her Daddy makes
Fuck her while they perform this weekly show.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Tanya, 2012 

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