"Sensual Rebirth of Venus"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO 


We are in concert,

in time,

in this space,

reinventing ourselves together. 

A rebirth,

a renewal,

a recreation,

of an enchanted and regal endeavor. 


Sparks ignite violence,

as five o'clock shadows

grow dim the sting of my whip,

Contrasting a tenderness

felt to the ends of your senses

while we bite your lip.


I crave what you do to me,

while I do it to you

with an attitude I haven't earned

Whether tasting the iron

or resting it boldly,

or feeling your whole body squirm


I seize your shoulders,

set your ass ablaze,

with startled eyes

you fall into place

Your hair is messed

and cast in shambles,

like your body,

it's so lost in space


Spinning around

while the twine takes you prisoner,

dizzy and without a care

For what the purpose,

for once I've no answer:

you're my carousel unaware


Live for the moment,

enjoying the process,

breathing a breath more intense

Knowing that senses

defy all your logic,

and ironically never make sense

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J9thxciv's picture

This one confuses me.  The

This one confuses me.  The fourth line implies plurality, yet the title refers, in singular, to Venus,  So which one is Venus reborn?

J9thxciv (Januarian)

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