"Naio I Know"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


She'd text her grandpa, instead of "so long",
"Chow" unaware she was spelling it wrong

I suppose right then I should've known
A girl like her needs to be on her own

But I persisted because in us I believed
I suppose a wide-eyed girl makes a man naive

She said "love you" everytime we spoke
Like a broken record that I didn't think broke

The last thing she'd say to me on the phone
And when she would I didn't feel so alone

She'd say "love you" on our way to work
"I love you too", I'd say with a smirk

She said it again on her trip back East
And inside I felt an inner peace

I was so glad when she came back early
But my joy manifested prematurely

"Let's clear our minds of this excess
Organize and purge our clutter and mess"

She said "a storage unit for my extra stuff?"
I never questioned what wasn't enough

I chuckled "this won't all fit in my backseat,
Unless the storage unit is a penthouse suite"!

She said "love you" and packed more clothes
I was blissfully unaware of her plan to go

She said it again in our final embrace
Then said "goodbye" as a slap in the face

I wasn't prepared to not see her again
I suppose my life ends where hers begins

When words are spoken without any shame
"Love you" and "goodbye" all sound the same

The only thing I have left now
Is knowing she didn't text me back "caio!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Joy, 2016 

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