"Last Year's Smiles "

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


She giggles in the darkness amid snaps of whip to flesh.

Smiling unexpectedly in her helplessness.

Her rapture is a spirit freed; her capture a release.

The willful bondage she displays; all sovereignty is pleased.

The wild and willing provocateur becomes the stimulant.

While the to-blame harlot in her game is found so innocent.

Throw out the past and last year's frowns, abandon your concerns.

Recall instead subconscious thought, forget all you have learned.

A simple blue moon rendezvous becomes an angelic tryst

With a comely form to cuddle and a striking face to kiss.

No more wonder! No more doubt! Just rubbing of your eyes.

The disbelief! “Is this a dream?” You ask aloud and sigh.

While she curls up in the corner, clothes torn, thumb to her lips.

The line forms down the corridor, to target ‘tween her hips.

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