DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


To scene with brooding Goth

Or unhinged industrial?

Instead, the kinks interweave

With bubblegum and power pop.

she poses as a parading

Pubescent pagan

Baring her bottom,

Skirt past her thighs.

her hair in shambles,

Twisted like yarn and yanked;

Bobbing up and down

her face opens wide and she accepts

In passive nods of dutiful confirmation

Baring her bottom again,

Skirt down to her knees,

Bent over the bed

Screaming: "Daddy!"

her breasts are wrangled

Free from her brassiere.

He contemplates her fate

With crop in hand

Baring her bottom once again,

Skirt down to her ankles,

Daddy begins the orchestrated sting.

In more than she can fathom

Slaps of lightning,

He demolishes her ability

To sit in comfort on His lap.

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