Purring Poetry


Purring Poetry

by Karyn Indursky


Like a ball of yarn you play your diction

unwinding your word paint craft to be seen

from deep to light-hearted word play friction

of purring lines into images cleaned.


Like a piece of catnip you tug on lines

to spin out quilts of friendship so divine

that only I can pet your silky whines

until you're content to nestle down fine.


Like a baby drinking from a bottle 

you nourish your poetry motherly 

until your kneading sharp claws throttling

engines of expressions bound brotherly.


So long as a kitten purrs rhythmic lines

poetry will flourish like sun shining

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Wow! I love it! Thanks Allets

Wow! I love it! Thanks Allets for drawing me here. Your comments are also incredibly.amazing! Gorgeous work Karen! I was purring!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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    I liked your poem about



I liked your poem about the cat purring. I have a cat and don't know whether the cat purring is inspirational or a distraction, depends on my mood when creative writing.




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Inspired felinely

I liked Sandburg's fog coming in on little cat feet, they are soft pedalled and quiet movers - nice inspiration for a poem, a kitten - Stella-