Monster Or Man

In the reassessment of monsters and men,
what is really the differences in the end?
The Darkness is in all walks of life,
whether you are a creature of day or night.
One fights to survive while the other fights to thrive.
Who will win in the battle between instinct and free will?
Is it only men who kill,
while the animal is just looking for its next meal?
I use the words rape, sex, lust pretty lose,
because to the beast it is just reproduce.
One lives off the land and the laws of nature.
The other so called supreme race I think will be judged one day has a disgrace.

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trying to get back on track.

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I love these lines "I use the

I love these lines
"I use the words rape, sex, lust pretty lose,
because to the beast it is just reproduce."

it is so true, and in many ways thought provoking, perhaps this is where the difference between monster and man lies, in definition and action in accordance

Much Love


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Eddie Izzard had a comidic

Eddie Izzard had a comidic version of this same thought process. (The comedian in case you didn't know, sorry if you already do.)

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Thanks for the comment. Oh i know who eddie is I'm a big stand up person. listen to many.
Thanks for stopping by
keep penning

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Geat comeback....Enjoyed it..

Geat comeback....Enjoyed it..

you laugh at me because I am differant, I laugh at you because You are all the same ...(KoRn) J.D......

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Thank you

Thanks for taking the time to read facethetruth2b, i always enjoy seeing your name pop up on my comments!

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This is great! Needs alittle setting out to make it easier

To read, I loved it! I often ponder this idea. Thanks! SS

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Thanks SSmoothie, i was thinking the same but did this at work so didn't get much time.
Kinda fixed it a bit more but any ideas?
I always welcome help.