Gates of Heaven

Many years has passed by since you left this world.
I often think of the memories long ago.
When I feel the eyes of an angle watching over me I think of you.
I keep remembering the times we shared growing up on that small and remote island.
Memories are all I have left, and I find them fading with the years.
So I can only hope I'll see you at those pearly gates my friend.
You have passed so the cycle of life can continues.
Because you pass so young I am still trying to understand why?
They say that it’s the nature of life.
Thou you are gone I will continue to take moments on a hot summer day,
When the sun is shining warm on my cheek and the smell of fresh green grass is strong in the air,
I'll recall the moments we spent on the rocks close to the sea.
Maybe we need to remember the ones that passed so the gates of heaven shall never close.

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a beautiful tribute

You have a strong mysticism and love in your poems



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thank you very much

Thank you very much for taking the time to read,
i been trying to get on here more but i'm and a team lead for a cable/internet/phone company so its been hard. but i'm sure ill get time real soon to enjoy more of your work

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Gates Of Heaven

I don't come here often, but today I just strolled by. And I'm glad I
did, I am enjoying your poetry. I post on several web sites, it keeps
me very busy. Perhaps you could visit my site sometime when time
permits. heather burns. I pray the gates of heaven will never close.
this is very beautiful.

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Thanks for taking the time to read my poem, i am but 28, young most would say but born with heart issue and growing up on a small remote island i like to think my soul is older so i try to show that in my work, but don't always work out :) lots to learn .
i have had 2 heart attack and 4 open heart surgeries, by the time i was 18. i have been writing since i was 13, but got a long way to go before i can match up to most people here, i have read a few of your poems and story's, SO i am very honor that you would even take the time to not only read but to comment, So thank you very much.

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Reminds me of "To E.T" Very

Reminds me of "To E.T"

Very different in stylem, of course, but your content and soul...

My heart beat with your sorrow and closure (possibly?) with this one

"Satellite's gone
up to the skies.
Thing like that drive me
out of my mind.

I watched it for a little while:
I love to watch things on TV." - Lou Reed

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older write

Thanks for your comment, it is one of my older poems.