Can You Tell?

A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell or so I've heard it said,

But of little concern to me of late for I have been alone,

Similarly last night I called her up cashed quite well, instead,

Well intentioned servility was to see me limping home.

I was hoping for a repast to satisfy her continued want,

To dine in excellence at some distance quite my travel hoped,

Yet my inquiries were met with cool, to frequent a restaurant,

So I remained where I had dialled and played and lost my dough.

A fool, a fool, I thought myself, quite right at the time,

To allow my life to carry on with no firm attachment,

When I require is some guiding love that relaxes on my mattress,

And here I am with now't to say apart from retrospective rhyme.

A gentleman may never kiss and tell nor that he did fuck-it,

And a cow may have a bell, but can eat from field or bucket.

(c)R.H.Elliott 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wouldn't worry if you prefer a bucket, if instead you could supply a mattress.

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Leah Broomfield's picture

As always you amaze me with your writes.
Kissing and telling is a no no. LOL
Thank you for sharing with me, as always.
Have a beautiful day of many.