The Two Babylons

There are those weak and beggarly

Elements of the earth

The name of one is Christ-mass

And Easter, a second birth.

Now to the pagan world

These two were times of joy

One speaks of the yultide log

The other, of Babel's boy.

Their Mary by another name

Is but the Ashteroth of old

And 'her' baby Jesus

Is Bacchus of Satan's mould.

I am not a simpleton

But I've studied all the facts

The Church in olden times

Was deceived by pagan acts.

They took the pagan festivals

The statues and the fears

And deceived the Christian Church into

Keeping days, months and years.

So it is unto this day

Like Paul, I fear for them

But one day they will know the truth

As brave Tertullian did back then !!

Galatians 4:9,10

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Christians need to DECIDE, are they for the LORD or for pagan things ??

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