Start A New Slate

A New Era

You ever just wanna run? 

Run away from your past? 

All you wanna do is forget?

Yeah.... That's me right now. 

I just wanna forget it. 

The past few months I wasn't myself. 

I'm trying to start over. 

Start a New slate... 

But yet you're afraid it's 

Biting you in the behind.

You noticed things ain't been right 

about your body, but 

You're afraid to to find out... 

Cuz of what the results could be... 

Yeah.... That's me right now. 

I'm finally starting to find the real me again

with the help of God... But 

It seems it's not gonna take place without

my past biting me in the behind first. 

And all I wanna do is forget. 

To start a new slate. 

To start over.... 

That's all I want. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

August 4, 2019


not sure if that's a good title for the poem so I'm open to suggestions.

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New Slate

All my stuff gone

all my life drowned

in sludge

all my mind a mess

all gone.


New slates

are for other people

I just have to let

mine drag as I limp

along and take

the occasional

nip from some old

idiocy, some long ago

hole I climbed 

out of but got

dirt in my



New Slate is a good title. A suggestion