Still So Clear

Embracing You

I'm with you, but I'm not with you. I face another downer this moment. 

You pop by but you don't understand or see my emotions. You answer no call you don't say anything at all, can you not say something or let me know when it can all go back to normal? 

I am like something that's wrapped in a tight blanket of silk---nothing to do until its right to do so.

I'm sitting here, my mind keeps racing, this and that, hes this hes that, so much---too much in fact to say in one sentence.

Just wish you'd come back so I'll be fine again---The moments we had together are to precious to throw away. While ive questioned us couple times, my emotions and feelings told me otherwise---made it clear i couldnt and shouldnt go. 

But when I'm left here with no sign of love, it drives me insane; it makes me crazy---so much to the point where I lose my head.

I think i'm at that point now---I can't really say what's up ahead--- can't say when you'll be back; but it's still so clear i need you, and I really can't walk away if I dont have you. 

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