The Midnight Response

Embracing You

The devil finally had been shattered into pieces. The bolt of light from the positive part of my brain; she came out after a long period of so much downtime. She came out and took out her powerful wand of love; and still----unsure of just how she shattered the dark with her light; the devil soared off like a demon with a disastrous look dying away. She proceeded in responding by surprising my heart with a message from my lover. I couldnt ever have that same stomach flip when recieving a message from a man who i am friends with or who i work with--- though indeed id find it unusual and confusing. But no she surprised my heart with a message from my love---- not fully recovered but enough to admit to me that our love hadn't died and the flame still burned. I questioned if he knew my heart still desired him too; but i suppose tomorrow i will recieve a kiss so sweet and an assuring love note that will tell me he still knows. 

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