We will run




To persist is my best trait, unable to resist is not so great. I pulled out the knife from the back to get after those who harmed you.

Shame on you for thinking that the thing id do is leaving when your supposed to know me better then i know myself.

No i can't break free from you, cause my heart and head says i need you, one side is sometimes stronger then the other. Confidence is my friend, anxiety brings me to the end, we just have to get you out of that dark spell and run for our lives.

Grab my hand and we will run from the burning building, our eyes filled with determination, and our heads with love and motivation.

We look at each other and we were set free together, don't think i'll need that knife anymore. 

so i throw the bad away, usually stuck in my own world but you start to thank me and say to me that life would be hell if i hadnt been there.

In this case your correct, we know not how it's yet to go.

In this path i take with you all i need to do is thank you, where would i be and how would i live correctly if there hadnt been the place set for you? I'm asking myself to go on hold onto you and stay strong, its us for the taking, our life together in the making, no matter who will try and kill us with words of hate and ignorance, it won't tare us apart, because we are both attached curled and cradled right in the centre of each other's heart. 

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I like

U know " The Boss "

" Born to Run " ?


It is Great