What Is Peace?

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What is peace?

Peace is a word.

Majority of  the world has said the word

or used the jesture

and to many of you it is just a word.

Yeah, peace is a word.

Way before Grease was the word

and I'm sure the majority of us has seen Grease.

But how many of us have actually seen peace?

Yeah, we can all mind our own business

and go about our way,

So, is that how peace is supposed to be lived today?

We can say the word money

and vision money

We can see a bee and relate it to honey.

We can see a bird on the ground

and assume it can fly,

We can look up

and see the sky.

But when someone says peace,

What is it that we see?

Two fingers in the air

Or   R . I . P .

A circle with some lines inside,

So how would a person see peace

if his or her eyes are blind?

Peace is sometimes used when it's quiet day and night,

So is a deaf person peaceful

with day and night crime in sight?

How can someone believe in peace

and then agree to drop the bombs?

Will we ever get rid of Bin Ladens and Sadaams?

You just can't say the word peace

You have to live it

It needs to be fealt,

So may peace be with us all

Let us all feel peace in good health.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done a great love and lovely poem for peace..this is a very good poem and like it much...your poetry is rich and inspiring too..hope you add more poems to enjoy... and wish if you go through my poems too... I am basically a peace dreamer and peacew wisher poet with 6 books and believe in love for all and peaceful world... let me share with you one of my owns says regarding peaceful life...(( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...afzal shauq )) hope we save the ailing world with our love poems... for ensuring the peace