Sapphire Birth


The sea dreams of

the unknown,

and endlessly,

in every hissing wave,

gorged with the lifeblood

of the world,

swollen with pure living,

burning down

around my feet,

but not vanquished,


only resting for the next 

adventure in light

and sapphire

and doom.


What if we are unstoppable fire

resting between spectacles?

What if we are as powerful

as we ever wanted

to be—

heirs to majesty

even while we beg and

pretend to be small?


A pale denim sky unravels

into its dark



A gathering of stars

sprinkle down

and remember

faraway legends

when they make their

soft landing

on the water.


Now I too am the pulse of the sea.

I too am the invisible multitude.

I too am the music of darkness—

hum of unquenchable vastness.


And just what if our

true state

is magnificence,

our true form, anything 

we can imagine and 

our lives are spread 

across oceans

we separate into 

centuries and eons

and now,


while we ride waves 

of a love

we could never endure

in a breakable body?


Then would we 

finally cherish

this tiny capsule of


or even remember 

the whispering fear

that sounded 

so real

just a moment ago?


Patricia Joan Jones

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Cascade's picture

Well now that my heart and

Well now that my heart and mind are full of wonderlust I can go charish the dream in "my tiny capsule of living".  Thank you for all the adventure, dear poetess  Wink

patriciajj's picture

What a gorgeous comment.

What a gorgeous comment. Thank you! 

allets's picture

Falling stars notwithstanding

"...our true form, anything/we can imagine..." Sounds like a recurrent sci-fi theme. Lovely verse. ~S~



patriciajj's picture

Thank you kindly for your

Thank you kindly for your intelligent perspective and support. 

elliot_jordan2003's picture


This is absolutley beautiful, I just started to read some of your poems. I will defiantly be back to read more.

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for stopping by and

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such thrilling feedback. I visited your site and enjoyed your poems as well. 

Januarian's picture

Poems like this one, and all

Poems like this one, and all of yours others, help us to "cherish this tiny capsule of living," which, I think, is the first purpose of poetry; and the second, which you also do at a level that none other here can achieve, is to name the stars and express the cosmos. With each poem you post, you show us what true poetry's real vocation is, and what it has been, and what it will be.


[* /+/ ^]

patriciajj's picture

Thank you! You validated my

Thank you! You validated my goal in such an expressive and luminous way. I'm forever grateful. 

Januarian's picture

I love how each posted poem

I love how each posted poem fits into, and extends, the vision that inspires them; but, also, each poem tell us more about you, and how you bring your vision and cosmic understanding among us.  Your poems are a cosmological textbook, a compositional textbook, and a textbook about poetic greatness.  They operate on so many levels, from the vastly cosmic to the intensely personal. I don't think I have ever seen such tremendous greatness, not even from Stevens himself.


[* /+/ ^]

patriciajj's picture

Wow, what an incredible vote

Wow, what an incredible vote of confidence from a poet whose work I've come to admire greatly. A huge thank you! 

word_man's picture

a time capsule of life with

a time capsule of life with all it`s splendor,,maybe we are alive in our dreams in another dimension

ron parrish

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for that profound

Thank you for that profound and sublime comment. It lit up my day.