Riding an Arabian Horse

For Laura


Written on a nebula
of cursed sand,

verses of opal and flesh

erode the moon,
shame her like betrayal,
shrink her to a puddle
of tinsel,


and make me an angel,

ascending and dreaming
Bedouin dreams,

sifting through words
to match this galloping Muse.


I will bless the one slender
breeze in the hollow air,

I will bless the clear
vastness where a ballet
was born—the trot of a
gazelle and the limbs of
a goddess


too beautiful for our
disposable lives.


Patricia Joan Jones

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Your metaphoric symbols are

Your metaphoric symbols are always, and I mean ALWAYS, fresh, powerful, and poignant similtaneously.  Most of us use language because we are accustomed to it.  In this poem, as your others, you use language as if you are inventing it as you go along.  Shakespeare wrote, "Age cannot wither, nor custom stale, her infinite variety.'  (This was the very first line of Shakespeare;s that I ever memorized, at eight years old or so.)  Shakespeare thought he was writing about Cleopatra; but, I think, he was predicting YOU, and your presence among us.  Your infinite variety with words and phrases, as you continue to give us a verbal cartography of the Cosmos, will never wither from age, nor stale from custom (either your writing customs or our reading customs).  Your poetry is addictive, habit forming, comforting, educative, and expansive.  Somewhere in eternity, Vergil, Pop Stevens, Mary Shelley, and other great poets are applauding each of your poems.


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Overwhelmed, humbled and

Overwhelmed, humbled and forever indebted. Your unshakable support, advice and beautifully worded acknowledgements have elevated my writing—and kept me writing. Thank you, and again, thank you. 

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You are an essential writer;

You are an essential writer; and, in my reading universe, you are THE essential writer.  I hope you don't get tired of my repetitious thank yous, because, as I read your poems, I never tire of saying thank you.


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There can never be too much

There can never be too much gratitude in the world. Your encouragement has been a lifeline, and there's not enough time or words to express my own gratitude for this.