Banquet in Dreamtime

We are the dreamers
and the dream.


I almost believed it for
one auburn moment.


The Western sky has
breathed at last after a
fluorescent tantrum,
closed the lid on a furnace
seeping through
ragged trees.


I could have believed
every prophet then:

could have believed the sky
was a jeweled net dropped
only to capture me.


Here on the surface
of a galaxy's beating
cluttered with lives
and entangled

we choose to sleep
through the best parts.


We love in bodies
and search outside them,

searching always for
the treasure that
we are.


The last slice of day
drips from a
many-pronged forest;

how luscious the fire
when it gives up its soul!


Stars are pasted like
glitter to a paper dome
and far more fragile
than we ever


So this is the dream:
spirit waltzes,
random magic
and a crumble
of dust.


And we are it.


Patricia Joan Jones

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Januarian's picture

Revisiting this once again, I

Revisiting this once again, I am reminded of two aspects of your poetic talent:  the consistent intensity, and the astounding freshness of your phrases.  You are like the lines of Shakespeare, about the much less far less, adnirable Cleopatra:  "Age cannot wither / nor custom stale her infinite variety."


[* /+/ ^]

Cascade's picture

This is spiritual truth

This is spiritual truth dripping from your magic pen, Patricia.  I read your words and I know they are guided by your ravenous heart because they aren't just thoughts trying become pretty poems. They are deep oceanic poems... Picture waves of feeling washing up on our shore and pulling in to this dream of remembering...we are the dream.  


patriciajj's picture

I don't know where to begin

I don't know where to begin to thank you for that brilliant expression about my expression. It's a pleasure to have you look so deep into my work and reply in such depth and metaphorical vision. You are a treasure. 

mil57man's picture

Banquet in Dreamtime

Wonderfully put. Beautifully done. It can all seem

Like a dream. Until we find Fact is so much stranger

Than fiction. There's so much more to us than we



patriciajj's picture

Thank you for your

Thank you for your thought-provoking, insightful and encouraging comments. Appreciate you stopping by. 

Januarian's picture

Once again your inimitable

Once again your inimitable style has aranged words in the form of a magnificent poem, and your use of imagery as metaphor for the poem's emotion never fails to amaze me.  To say you are talented IS an understatement.  To say you have become one of my favorite poets is true beyond dispute.


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patriciajj's picture

Words cannot express my

Words cannot express my gratitude for your thrilling soulprints upon my site. Your positive energy and encouragement are appreciated more than you know.

Januarian's picture

Thank you for saying that. 

Thank you for saying that.  Back when I was first discovering poetry (in the days of the dinosaurs, my grandchildren might say), I would get a certain initial thrill when I read certain poems for the first time---the metaphor I thought of was like an astronomer finding a new star at random.  When I first read the poems of T S Eliot, and Wallace Stevens, these thrills were very much present.  At my age, the thrills are often less, but can still happen. I have said all that to say this:  when I read your poems, it isl like I have been transported back to my younger self, and I am being introduced not just to your poems, but to Poetry through your poems.  I have been perhaps too verbose in this reply, but I am trying to put words to what is a very personal and subjective experience.  Very few poets, today, and stir up that original feeling---but your poems most certainly do.  I thank you for this effect, and I continue to applaud these marvelous poems that you share with us.


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Wow. That was beautifully

Wow. That was beautifully said and appreciated more than any words, lyrical or prosaic, could ever convey. Endless thanks. À