What the Deer Understands


Once again

the dogwoods are

preparing for my



You walk like royalty

through the 

great hall

of maples, dogwoods, oaks,

but return a pilgrim

with God in

your arms,


and surrounded by

holiness in the

shape of polished frogs

and larks on 

the path to 



and some leaves

shape-shifting with

sprays of a new day,

dissolving so many,

too many thoughts,


the sun creating one

sleek, liquid voice

above the chaos.


Shadows are spilling their

versions of light,

when a lovely lady

steps out of 

the portal:

a doe from the other side of

our world.


With the bottomless

peace that is darkness

staring back at me,

she ascends time

and gazes into my

dizzying world:


flickers of care,

bizarre ambition,

hard-won, paper love,

the way humans snatched

a planet meant for one

teeming soul,

sliced it into the few

and the billions,


us and all the others,


forgetting everything we

once knew about forever

in this red daze

we pass off 

as a life.


Then I enter her

untamed story:

such primitive luxury,

galas of softness,

unforced joy.


She is the freedom that we are,


we've just forgotten


for a moment,

for one screaming sprint

from birth to death, 


for one flash of

glorious madness

in the shadows. 


Patricia Joan Jones 

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word_man's picture

seems like a walk through

seems like a walk through spring,trees and  flowers in bloom

feeling the spirit of god as you see his creation,moving fluidly through space and time

ron parrish

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for your eloquent

Thank you for your eloquent perspective and beautiful insights. 

word_man's picture

you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish

Cascade's picture

I love how you remind us of

I love how you remind us of all the things we could be if we simply had not forgotten. I love how you write nature into this beautifully fluid voice of reason and meaning, and deeply rooted trees of emotional wisdom. I am always in awe of your goregous poetic paintings. 

patriciajj's picture

Your stunning comment was

Your stunning comment was poetry itself. Thank you, again and again, for your genuine appreciation for my work. 

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This poem is so deep, I am

This poem is so deep, I am not sure I understand it.  I mean that as a compliment.  The great poet Wallace Stevens wrote many poems like that, poems one must learn how to read as more than just words on a page.  This poem is very much like that.  This is one of your most accomplished poems. 


[* /+/ ^]

patriciajj's picture

I cannot thank you enough for

I cannot thank you enough for your uplifting feedback, and for taking the time to not just read, but look deeper into my work. That is an incredible gift to any writer. I'm grateful beyond words.