2002 Poetry

there's no way I could have forever

there’s only now for us to be together

if we let it slip away because you cower

I cannot promise my tomorrow or after

we only have today to feel this way

so love me today or my impulse coy away

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Hmmm. A concise version of the 'ole Nike motto: "Just do

Hmmm. To make people happy; that's your hobby. Maybe I'm
either a realist or pessimist, but it's been my experience,
that if your hobby is making others happy, sooner or later,
they'll let you down. Not a personal comment about your family; just my view on people in general.

How about THIS hobby: MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. And if one succeeds in making others happy in the process, so be it. If not, then one won't be so disappointed.

Fran, a.k.a. anti

Anon Nymous's picture

So true... So true... Much Love...


Maria Luana's picture

such strong feeling, the message is loud and clear...and yet the writing is so precise and limited...i loved it...every word was perfectly chosen to keep concise what could easily be a lengthy topic...keep writing

C. Hill's picture

this is so endearing to the ear and tongue...enjoyed it

Sudha Venkat Sandhi's picture

Short and simple.....straight to the point...enjoyed it.

Sarah Owen's picture

That is an awesome poem. It has alot of meaning for how short it is. I really like it. ~SARAH~

gentle's picture

This piece represents the thinking of today's society.

Live in the moment - a philosophy that will open the mind to anything.

Good job...


Gentle is the night♥

poetjewnita's picture

hi how r u? i got ur poem in my box 2day...and enjoyed what i read very much. u know time is short and we must act now for it is too late.......i understand the poem it is beutiful.

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cute, quaint little ditty! i like it. Please check out my stuff. Also my books are available through, Barnes & Noble etc. under the name Corey Evan fox

raila's picture

How important it is to live for the moment. How dangerous it is at the same time. Your poem could start a discussion that could last a semester! I enjoyed.


Cheryl Garberson's picture

Nice piece and I love the meaning, although I do think the last line could use a bit of work. Keep writing!

pangan_l_l's picture

Thanks all for your kind comments on this one.
I shall visit each one of your sites to write my
deepest appreciation. I think I owe it to Jason.
And for you Jason….’While others crave for ore,
you crave nothing at all because the ore is
already in your core’.

PostPoem is a mine of talents, wits and glory.
Thanks to you Jason. You’ve revive my penchant
for poetry when I thought I already forgot it.

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This is really good! I can totally relate to it.

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You have a knack for saying what you think it small succint verses. I hope you continue to write as I find that practice makes perfect is true of most habits and hobbies. It makes "perfect" sense at least to do something that eases your mind as much as it pleases the reader to read it. Good job. That last line kind of threw me, but I really like one I read earlier, "Life After Twenty-Five". Actually, I find it not an nightmare but a dream come true. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.


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nice nice poem it reminds me of my ex. its short but shows the main point.

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This is very good work... i love it, very beautiful!

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loving Strays into todAys and casts its gaze in dazing saVed praise belittle nOt the moment caught in lost in thought but cost for naught tossed keeping stRong us wanting long lust stoleN from past and promised last first taken felt not staken belted overtures misplaced become stray and feeling missing

otuyaxpresses's picture

Nice rhythm , nice rhyme.It is a short and rich piece.

blumentopf's picture

I loved this.
Use the Present moment, ev eryone should heed this.
Tomorrow will take care of itself. Its the PRESENT that hold everything, past as well as future, eternal present.

Keep writing my friend!
Enjoyed it.

Elizabeth Dandy

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Good job on this one (my fave so far) Good luck on your poetry!

Amy Short's picture

hey i like your's short but straight to the point. you should check out mine and tell me what you think....