Believe That Things Will Be Allright

I don't wear wool cuz it shrinks too much

and it always makes me itch

I'm just sitting here so out of touch

might as well be in a ditch


The sound of my own words take a spin

and they almost make me cringe

I guess I just don't care anymore

and I seem to be unhinged


Maybe I'll crinkle this paper up

and start all over again

I'll get some wood and make a bonfire

and I'll roast these words...til then...


Let's try to be chilled...enjoy the night

pretend that things will be allright

We have free know that's right

Believe that things will be allright

Believe that things will be allright

Belive that things will be allright....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for Songfancy's Five Songs in Five Days Challenge. This is the start of it as a poem/lyrics. We were given these words to use I believe five out of ten. I used all ten words... wood,roast,spin,sitting,chilled,anymore,wool,night,crinkle,sound

If I do turn it into a song the amplifier for the challenge was to use these chords C,G,Am,F