for many miles and years

I have traveled in my mind

and on the ground

through visions weary

and scenery grand

with fog and flame

at my wisdom's tail

while mirrors' envy

as winters pale

a majestic tapestry

weaving gently

in and out of each

peculiar woe

for such forest is keen

to witness

all its inhabitants grow

for in far away waters

far more serene

the truest truth ever

joyously convenes

to surpass this pool of circumspect chaos

and dares again to dream why another mighty

fabulous dream

one where it is in evidence

just beyond what is clearly and not so clearly


a far less likely conflicted theme

souls immersed not so much in bodies of sin

but bodies that reflect more so the being

housed within

this the heart weeps for and waits for

without vision's end

(written Jan 7,2004 3pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a deeply introspective poem that spilled from deep out of my soul!

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