you tip toe through my littered stream of conscienceness

escaping land mines long now lain

from the affluent negatives that reigned

arrogant medievalism questionably ordained

in the disasterous circumstances of ancients before

in an obscure sense

these wounded words of injustice

are Afganistan  herself

scared and abused

within their own borders

aided by too much confusion  and all her

out side influences

so much bitter conflict

rampent power struggles

sandwiched between

the poverty of hope and her caprecious tide

dealing in ineffectual politics of the region

such  bloodletting of humanity has torn away

every last remaining layer of a healthy outlook

on the world that such a starved country can claim

bereft for so long of any real possibility of a future

and left in its place

violent chaos

and oppressive rule

that the lowest of slaves from centuries long past

would not consent to bow under  

for any promise of freedom or price

a clotted artery on the heart of man's  dignity

a moral dilemma being hammered out

by the newly freed hands of The Living Oppressed

shattered no more

as they leave behind the blood of yesterday

to right the hopeful wrongs of all her peoples

in  a living breathing document  of peace

A Genuine Constitution


(writ Jan  6,2004 5am )

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