Tried to self medicate a recurring headache away but it made things worse. Called the hospital to see if I could get some Valium or Xanax for relief. The pharmacy is right next door, so I hoped a perscription would be called in for one or two pills so I could sleep the rest of the day away. Of course life is rarely so easy, so had to make an appointment to see a Dr.  


The appointment was in Twin Falls, where I'm not used to driving in city traffic, but after looking at google maps it looked like a straight shot so I was confident I could drive to it myself. Wrong.


Somehow I wound up quite a ways west of my target, and couldn't find the street it was located on. I hate being late for anything, so was getting stressed, which didn't do my raging headache any good. I started to drive around somewhat aimlessly hoping to come across the street I wanted. It's a busy street, so I figured it shouldn't be hard to find.


I took a left up a street that seemed like it might lead to a solution. I soon realized I was going the wrong way on a none-way street when I saw the headlights of a car headed towards my bow. Fortunately, I had room to cruise to the right where I soon came upon a driveway which I turned into. 


I heard the driver of the other car yelling at me as he crossed my stern. I'm sure he checked my plates to see if they were from California. When he saw they were Idaho plates he probably thought I was being an asshole instead of an idiot and did the wrong-way manuever on purpose as a shortcut. If he was able to pull over I probably would have recieved a raucus, gem state sermon from the guy, but my headache was at least spared that. 


I found the street I was looking for soon after that strictly by luck. I pulled into the parking lot of a small auto repair place so I could turn around facing the right direction to join the fleet of trucks and cars. A young man had me stop on my way out. He wondered what I was doing. I apologized for using his lot for a turn-around. He said it was okay. Jut wondered what I was doing. I noticed him and a co-worker had a barby going. Cool dudes. I told him I was looking for a medical place, and asked him if he knew which way from there it was. He asked the name of it. I said I didn't know, but it's part of St Lukes. Not the big hospital but a smaller building. I said I think it's that way, while pointing east. He said he did, too, so off I went. 


Got to the appointment ten minutes late. They took my blood pressure. High. I know. Took some blood. Gave me a shot of something they said would cure my headache quick, but I could still drive home. All of a sudden I felt very tired and wanted to lie down on the floor. The aid helped me onto a bed, which was clumsy doing because she forgot to pull out the extension for my legs. It wasn't comfortable, but didn't matter because I had to walk into another room, anyway. 


Left without Valium or Xanax. The shot didn't work at all. Made it through the night, though. My usual dose of Aspirine and coffee worked this morning well enough to type this tale.



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