"Not Every Body Needs Milk"

~"Not Every Body Needs Milk"~


Like millions, maybe even billions of people, I used to drink milk, and then one morning while sitting in a cafe on the west coast with a bodacious hangover a cold glass of milk seemed like just what I needed so I ordered one. The milk went down easy and tasted delicious.  Nice and cold, it put out the fire in my stomach, but a few seconds later the contents of my guts began to brawl, so I headed for the public restroom on the other side of the harbor parking lot. About half way across a fisherman I knew drove by in his pickup truck and honked "hello." As I raised a hand to waive the brawl inside my guts erupted with a white spray from my mouth.  The fisherman laughed, as I would have done.  After I got rid of the remaining moo juice in my insides and rinsed out my mouth I decided milk wasn't for me, and haven't  had a drink of it since. 


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  Thank you Dan if I dare


Thank you Dan

if I dare speak for the world's enslaved cows





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I stopped drinking white milk

I stopped drinking white milk on September 9, 1976, and have never missed it since.


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