Road Dream

Had a dream about an hour ago. Dreamed I was going on a road trip with some bikers I knew on the coast. While they drove their choppers, I was going to take my wood, push cart. I layed on my belly and pushed it along the highway with my hands.  As we got started I managed to keep up with one of the bikers, and as I did, I sang "Born to be Wild" loud enough for him to hear me. He would turn his head and look back at me and laugh. After a short while the biker had driven out of sight, but I kept going until I got to the top of a high part of the road. I stopped,and looked over the edge. The drop was almost straight down, and I knew I would fall and get seriously injured or killed if I tried to drive over, so I gave up the ride. I left the cart behind and walked to where I saw a gas station and store and decided to figure out how to get home from there. Then I woke up. As I lie in bed stretching my arms and legs I decided then and there I would buy a vehicle. Maybe today.

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