I need something

 My emotions and feelings are lost, Hopelessness is a pain that I’ve never had to deal with in my life until now. It is no longer a brick wall, it is now a black mirror. A pain I never thought I would ever feel in my chest, I am feeling it now. I am creating this a mind that is not stable, I am creating this with an agonizing pull to my heart that makes me wanna find some way to forgive anything that has happened to people that has changed their life, but my hatred only grows. My hatred grows and grows the more I see suffrage from a person. Anger and torture grow on my emotions. God you throw a full house of cards, filled with happiness, sadness, pain, and suffering. Emptiness is so relevant in my cards I don't know how to fix myself anymore. What do I need God? What is it? Do I need to cry and feel terrible? Is that my only fate for change? My emotions are immeasurable and I only feel lonely with the cards  you have thrown towards my way. Surrounding human souls are oblivious to pain. Greed and carelessness is your most powerful weapon and it destroys us. You gave us the power to reproduce faster than we can self destruct. Natural selection is our living hell. It is our sins that we must pay for your gift of life. The scale of Natural selection is what you left for us to decide, and it was your most cowardly decision of all. 


“Agony is the price that you pay in the end” - Pantera

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