Wild Yellow Daisies


Jacket zipped, gloves on, boots crunching leaves

With sky too gray and the air too crisp

Summer’s gone; it seems everything grieves

I’m walking alone and hear only the wind wisp


Isolation,   jealousy,   confusion

Iciness has chilled my heart and bones

Inside and outside combine in fusion

No peace: just more trials and groans


“It’s not worth it. I’ll take no more”, I say

My feet keep walking. They do not listen —

To the next destination they convey

As though my mind and feet have no union


And as I continue through autumn trees,

I find beautiful wild yellow daisies

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Daisies Should Be Wild


like aces in poker. A fine write - love the unison images, the pensive mood, the crisp thoughts that mimick the chill. Marvy contemplative penning this. Loved it. - Lady A