Earth Tones


Recalling the beloved

Perfume of green hills

That speak without words

In my spirit's native tongue

Giving meaning to all that is me

Small, boney, paunchy, and full

My true form reflected in splendor —

You are the one my heart speaks to

In earth tones you welcome me

Singing the lullaby of my soul

Comfort of home and kinship

Promise of new horizons to explore

Thankful for your generous giving:

Awakening of my primal being —

Like sun on water I begin to play

Freed from rules, walls, false friends

Fleeting acquital from the bondage

Of my convicted cybernated acreage

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9inety's picture

This poem

 more than adequately illuminates a much bigger and more detailed perception of the intricate connection that all beings have with our natural surroundings.

Many have only a hazy notion of the experiences that are enriched within the elements of the complete extent that tethers everything together.

You poet have tapped into those vivid colors deriving a phenomenon of essence into universal agelessness and bringing the artistic and mystical together.




"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

OneVoice's picture

Thank you, Dylan.

I appreciate your feedback.