Fabian Soto


I understand,


you'd rather not,


talk about this.




A thread of fate,


intertwined us,




in a blink of an eye,


it fell apart,


so unexpectedly.




Storms surround us,


when our hearts,


trust what feels right,


but fear changes,


our choices in life,


we lose ourselves.




In such confusion,


we misunderstand,


one another's choice,


broken in our souls,


fear has its day.




Fear can be anything,


to be honest,


to fail or succeed,


to not provide our loved ones,


to not know yourself,


you will lose to fear,


for its that powerful.




When you've lost control,


what happens then,


when it just fades away,


will you make the right choice,


will you be brave or be broken?


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The facts of life. One day you will step into those warters. Fear or no fear. It's destiny.