Thank You

Fabian Soto


Thank you,


from my heart,


to yours whom,


quarrels itself.




Thank you,


showing me love,


mine hidden in darkness,


you were my light.




Thank you,


caring for me,


when I didn't care,


as other's poisoned me.




Thank you,


for strength,


to handle my issues,


standing strong.




Thank you,


for your guidance,


to lose weight,


bettering my lifestyle.




Thank you,


for observing me,


when my sleep,


harmed my body.




Thank you,


for allowing me,


to be with you!




I'll Always Love You Forever!!


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saiom's picture

 may all have such a loving


may all have such a loving person in their life



PS If you know any who like writing, it would

be great to have more people on the site