When we look in the mirror
What do see?
I see a king,
But you see a queen.
I see a wizard,
And you see le Fay.
I see my pain,
And you see your dream.
Why can't you learn
That things aren't what they seem?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Isn't it odd how people can see exactly what's going on with someone else, but they can't see their own child? Of course what they don't see is obvious.

Oh yeah and le Fay is a reference to Morgan le Fay from King Arthur, you know of Camelot. Heh that may be a bit obscure.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

I loved this..........

reminded me of many a spiritual book I've read where they pretty much say we are but reflections bumping into other reflections. We are what we and others perceive us to be not what we truly are. Perception too is everything that is why that phrase applies so apropos. Hense I loved this piece........... Thanks so much for sharing...... sincerely, Melissa