The First Step Is the Hardest

The light on my face,

The sun on my skin

I start this new life

But where to begin


Do I walk a new path,

Or continue straight ahead

Do I carry this old baggage

Or walk empty handed instead


Do I shed this old skin

And toss it aside

Like a love I have once given

That’s withered and died


Do I again give love freely

Or hang on to it tight

Should I trust in my heart

To know which is right


So, until that day comes

My courage I must own

And take that first step

Into the unknown









I took that first step

Into the unknown

And the meaning of true love

Again I was shown


I chose my new path

So down it I tread

And chose to go down it

Hand in hand with you instead


I donned my new skin

And tossed the other aside

In the shadow of the past

I no longer shall hide


My courage in do own

And my heart I did give

With strength and with love


This new life I now live.

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