Out of the Mist

Like a spirit bathed in a soft warm light

You stepped out of the ethereal mist.

Your beckoning smile

I could not resist.


Your presence was overwhelming,

And engulfing my senses,

Shattering my world

And destroying my defenses.  


You reached out your hand

And as I held it in mine,

I felt the power of your glory

And knew the meaning of divine.


Your touch was so tender

 It made my heart weak,

My body felt limp

And I could not even speak.


You looked deep in my soul

With eyes so calm and so clear,

Searching for my truth

And all I held dear.


You found my very essence

And the core of my existence

And with unyielding trust

I offered no resistance.


I gave myself freely

With faith and with love,

For I knew in my heart


You were a being from above.



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allets's picture

Angels Are Sweet

Sounds like you found a good one. A love poem from the heart ~A~