Slave To The Blackness

The blackness;

Thick and oppressive,

Cold and void of all that is pure and clean.


Like a horrid gaping maw

hungry and ready to devour 

Even the dimmest of light

Shining within us.


Sinister and malevolent

As it washes over and slowly swallows the light

That illuminates all that is righteous and true.


Poisonous and vile, 

Permeating and festering

As if born in the bowels of evil itself, 

Hollow cries of abhorrence and loathing

Echo lost within the ebony abyss.


Dark madness

Oozing and penetration

Even the slightest of openings made available

By the tiniest breaks in ones emotional defenses,

And infecting all it touches like the plague.


Like a sordid petulant Fein

Stalking its victim,

Ready to pounce at any sign of weakness

And taking control of our sense of reason and sanity,


Feeding off our own insecurities and doubts,  

And turning us into emotional slaves


To the dark force called jealousy.

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I'll Be Gentle, Promise

Black is beautiful, envy is green. ~A~