Blinded By the Light

Playfully dancing

around this strange light

like a beacon it shines

on this warm and dark night.


Calling us close

from our summer night flight

as its beautiful radiance

fills all of our sight

and its hypnotic allure

we are unable to fight.


Mindlessly circling

and not understanding of why,

but endlessly around

the strange light we all fly.


Transfixed by its wonder

and a need to get near

but not daring to do so

because it’s our death we all fear.


But its pull is too strong

on the weak minds and their will,

this beautiful strange light

that’s only purpose is to kill


So after many of tries

by the weak and unwise

with a zap and a spark

it takes their short lives

a Moth and a Beetle

even a few fireflies

it saddens us all to hear

their last painful cries.


So cautiously we circle

the light on the wall

until the dawn finally comes


and releases us all…

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Another great one!

Another great one!