Love Gets Under Your Skin

Moist lips

Swollen with passion

Sent from thy red throbbing heart

Once resembling obsidian


Nerves once numb

Tingle and burn anew

As rivers of red

Course through

Thy once arid veins


A cacophony

Of maddening inner voices

Echo within the hollows

Of a once silenced consciousness


Newly awakened emotions

Now ready to unfurl and blossom

Within thy once dormant being


Flushed skin warm and red

With newfound emotions

Brighten the lingering gloom

Surrounding thy darkened dreams


As tears of new found reverence

Spill from once blind eyes

That once again behold

The beauty and desire

Buried deep within thyself.


Alas life flourishes

Abundantly growing

With each new word of adoration

Whispered into thy long deaf ear


As love buries it’s self

Deeper and deeper

Under thy now soft


And no longer pale skin…

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