Hopeless obsession

The voice or reason

Has fallen upon my deaf ears

As the hand of fate

Pushes me towards my blind ambitions


My illusions of grandeur

Have given rise to malicious intent

To obtain what can never be mine


The allure of its beauty and power

Overwhelms my sense of sanity

And pushes me towards the abyss

Only to be consumed by my hunger to posses it


My only purpose in this twisted reality

Of my so-called life is to hold it again

In my now black heart


But I have reaped what I have sown

And ended up with a harvest

Of pain and regret


Fate has dealt me that proverbial losing hand

And now I must swallow that bitter pill

And try not to choke on my own self-pity


How foolish to have squandered its wealth

And disgraced its purity,

Only now to be left poor and ashamed

For my stupidity and greed


So now here I am

Alone and left wanting

Left with nothing more

Than a hopeless Obsession

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hold onto the feeling & go

hold onto the feeling & go deeper. youre on the brink :)